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~ Bird Carvings ~ 

On this page you will find some examples of bird carvings by Jim Podsiadlo. These bird carvings are done in Tupelo and Acrylics. This page is updated frequently to show a variety of bird carvings. The image quality has been limited so as to keep the page load time acceptable for users on dialup connections. If you are interested in purchasing these or other bird carvings please contact Jim via the email link at the bottom of the page. Commissions are welcome. 

Peregrine falcon, bird carvings
Austin - ( Harris' Hawk )
Big leaf maple burl base
First in Category / Best of Show / Peoples Choice - (2004 Maine Coast Carving Competition)
First in Category / Second in Division - ( 2004 Ward World Championship )

Acrtic Gyr Falcon,  bird carvings
Plum Island - ( Male Ross's Gull )
Beautiful big leaf maple burl base with carved barnacles.
First in Category (2004 Maine Coast Carving Competition)
Second in Category (2003 Ward World Championship )

Acrtic Gyr Falcon,  bird carvings
Arctic Majesty - ( Arctic Gyrfalcon )
First in Category, First in Division, Best of Show ( 2002 Ward World Championship )

Acrtic Gyr Falcon,  bird carvings
Precious - ( Male Piping Plover brooding chick)
Top of burl block carved to imitate shifting sand.
Third in Category ( 2002 Ward World Championship )

Peregrine falcon, bird carvings
Miramar - ( Peregrine Falcon )
Perched on rocky ledge with satin black sub-base
First in Category ( Wildlife Artisans Association )

Peregrine falcon, bird carvings
Backyard Friends - ( Black-capped Chickadee )
Perched on a hand with sunflower seeds
First in Category ( 2004 Maine Coast Carving Competition )

Peregrine falcon, bird carvings
Jewel of the Amazon - ( Blue & Gold Macaw )
First in Category / First in Division - ( Blackstone Valley Art )

Contact me for details on these and other bird carvings. Thanks for looking!     
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