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~ Hand Carved Wooden Feather Jewelry ~ 

These feather pendants are hand carved of Tupelo, painted with Acrylics, and feature sterling silver bails. They are as " light as a feather ". These wooden feathers are signed and dated on the back and are unique miniature carvings approximately 2 1/2 inches in length. As in nature there is some variation between feathers and the pictures are offered as examples of the carvings. The same detailed process that is used for Jim's award winning bird carvings is used on his wooden feather jewelry.
If your favorite bird is not shown please contact Jim via the email link or phone number at the bottom of this page to request it.
Any bird can be done, as well as custom designs.

Prices are for the wooden feather jewelry only. (Not the chain or cord, listed below)
Matching carved earrings and pins are also available for most feathers.
Feather earrings are about 1 inch long and feature sterling silver French wires.


Click on images for more information.

Red-tail hawk trident feather carving with amboyna burl hubRed-tail hawk single feather carvingRed morph eastern screech owl feather carving
Pend01 - $149                        Pend02 - $59                      Pend03 - $59
Red-tail Hawk trident             Red-tail Hawk single            Red Morph Screech Owl

Peregrine falcon feather carvingEastern bluebird feather carvingNorthern cardinal feather carving
Pend04 - $59                       Pend05 - $59                       Pend06 - $59
Peregrine Falcon                   Eastern Bluebird                  Northern Cardinal

Yellow shafted flicker feather carvingCommon loon feather carvingWood duck feather carving
Pend07 - $59                        Pend08 - $59                      Pend09 - $68
Yellow Shafted Flicker            Common Loon                     Wood Duck side pocket

Pend10 - $59                      Pend11 - $59                      Pend12 - $59
Ruffed Grouse tail               Mallard Speculum                 Gadwall Scapular

Pend13 - $59                      Pend14 - $59                       Pend15 - $59
Snowy Owl                         Grey Morph Screech Owl         Indigo Bunting


Pend16 - $68                        Pend17 - $59                   Pend18 - $59  
Peacock                               Blue Jay                          Great Horned Owl

Pend19 - $59                      Pend20 - $68                     Pend21 - $59
Montezuma Quail                Eastern Turkey                   "Peace" Dove

Pend22 - $59                      Pend23 - $59                      Pend24 - $59
Bobwhite Quail                    Scaled Quail                       Gambel's Quail

Pend25 - $59                      Pend30 - $59
Immature Bald Eagle           Barred Owl

16" sterling chain $26.00
18" sterling chain $29.00
18" black rubber cord (shown with the trident above) $22

Contact Jim for details on these or other feather carvings. 
Contact Jim

Any species of bird can be done. Call (508) 634-3223 or email to discuss further.
Thanks for shopping!

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