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Eastern Screech Owl Webcam

Eastern Screech Owls, owlets Eastern Screech Owls, adult male

Upper left: Owlets being banded.         Upper right: Male (Rhedd) during banding.
The bottom 2 images are uploaded periodically.

This page monitors two eastern screech owl nest boxes in Mendon, MA. 

UPDATE: THEY'RE BACK! It appears that Rhedd has himself a new mate this year. Scarlett may
have been injured by the squirrel last season.

COMING SOON! Owlbox T-shirts with a beautiful color picture of one of the owlets.

Please consider supporting this webcam with a contribution. We do not have the benefit of a corporate or academic sponsor for this webcam and bandwidth usage is increasing daily. Any amount is appreciated. Thank You!

If PayPal is not convenient, please send your contribution to: Jim Podsiadlo   PO Box 174   Mendon, MA 01756

Recent Views FIFO buffer of recent images

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2004 Nesting Log A journal of nesting events for 2004

2003 Roosting Log A journal of roosting events for 2003

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